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Our main products are Dibenzoylmethane(DBM), Stearoyl benzoyl methane(SBM), acetylacetone, calcium acetylacetonate, zinc acetylacetonate, etc.

Why choose Jianxing New Materials

Good quality for your needs, worry-free purchase


Years of Technology accumulation, powerful strength

Ensuring the competitiveness of the core product line through constant improvements to product performance and quality, increases in production efficiency, and reductions in costs; meeting the demand from downstream customers and potential growth areas by continually innovating and upgrading product offerings.




Production capacity

Keep improving, develop business by quality

The company has built a core product system with DBM, SBM, acetylacetone salt and other environmentally-friendly polymer additives. With many years of production and operation, it has enjoyed long-term cooperative relationships with Baerlocher group, Reagens group, Chemson group and other large players in the PVC plastics, coatings, and additives industry.

Environmental Contribution

Safe and environmental, perfect quality assurance system

Implement green development techniques
Continue investment in environmentally-conscious technology
Improve efficiency of resource utilization

Market layout

Long-term vision, overall planning

Increase investment in research and development to improve production technology
Improve product quality and expand the market for our product
Scale company operations while maintaining timely delivery and rapid responses to customer demands

About Jianxing New Materials


high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production
of environmentally-friendly polymer additives

Unity, harmony, green, development

Shandong Jianxing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of environmentally-friendly polymer additives. At present, it has developed a core product system consisting of DBM, SBM, acetylacetone salt and other environmentally-friendly polymer additives. Through years of research and experience in production and operation, the company has developed a streamlined system of product formulation, parameter setting, process control, specialized production techniques, and other aspects of DBM, SBM and acetylacetone salt series products. Its products are mainly used in PVC and other compound stabilizers...




High starting point positioning, high standard planning, high quality construction, high speed development, high efficient management

The cooperation unity development exchange altogether wins


Focus on Jianxing and focus on new trends in the industry


People-oriented;Careful production
Further development by constant work
Booming development by honest business

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