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Corporate Song

Song of Jianbang
Ah Jianbang, soaring, soaring, Jianbang
Every day, the red sun rises in the east, as if an unending hope
is in my heart, I always feel a ray of sunshine shining on my heart, and I keep moving in the direction
. The north of the morning is busy. I always walk on the road of dreams
global reputation
Let's look at the world and let us work hard together In Jianbang
, every time I sail, I will always see the light behind you,
even after the storm, there is always a rainbow to accompany
me at this moment no matter how difficult it is, give me a pair wings flying in the sky trying to fly away
even though thousands of miles we remain united vertical hold up tomorrow the sun go all
united and harmonious development of green technology innovation and hard work ahead
recruit talent Jianxing Weibang global reputation brilliance
north early in the morning so I have been busy time Walking on the road of dreams
global reputation
Let's take a look at the world Let's fight together In Jianbang
Every time I sail, I will always see the light behind you
Even if it goes through the wind and rain, there is always a rainbow to accompany
me At this moment No matter how many dangers are giving me a pair of wings soaring Working on Skyrim To the distance
Even though there are so many mountains and rivers, we are still committed to the city. We will
go all out to support the sun of tomorrow,
Jianbang, and we will create it tomorrow.


People-oriented;Careful production
Further development by constant work
Booming development by honest business

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